Comprehensive eye care includes detection of refractive errors and prescribing spectacles, screening of Diabetic patients and performing laser treatment for Diabetic Retinopathy, screening for glaucoma detection and treating glaucoma patients.

Hospital staff conducts outreach eye camps and the cataract surgeries are performed free of charge for the patients between 50-75 years of age, who are detected from these eye camps.

Fees per one visit to the hospital OPD is only Rs 500.00 and patients who can afford special eye care and cataract surgeries are given suitable treatment for an affordable price. Charges for special clinic is Rs.1000 .00

The Hospital currently offers different service categories to patients. The non-foldable lens made of PMMA material is inserted to the eye as free cataract surgery. If doctors recommend that this lens is suitable for the patient, the surgery can be performed free of charge. The hospital cost for this free surgery is approximately Rs 18,000.00 and is borne by the hospital. However general charges such as registration fee Rs.500.00, scan fee Rs.300.00 and post operation medicine cost Rs. 570.00 may be borne by the patients.

The facilities, hospital maintenance and developments are done by donations from LCIF, Lions, Lion Ladies, friends and well-wishers.
Three types of paid cataract surgeries are available in the hospital depending on the request of the patient. If patient brings the lens from outside on recommendation of the doctor, surgery will be performed after charging hospital fees and medicine cost. If the patient brings lens and all other required items, on the instruction of Doctor, then surgery can be performed after recovering hospital charges only.

Spectacle unit

We offer low cost and high cost sophisticated spectacles in vast variety starting from Rs.1500 and onwards. State of the art equipment are used to produce these spectacles and Hospital will give away 5 spectacles to selected patients free of charge every month as per the instructions of the board of trustees.

Counseling unit

Hospital has employed a counselor to instruct and guide patients in selecting lenses before registering for operations. Therefore Patients can select even very expensive lenses if they desire to do so.

OPD Clinics

Daily OPD Eye Clinics are conducted from 8.00am to 5.00pm including Saturdays and Sundays. Additionally, clinics for Diabetic patients on Every Wednesday from 8.00am to 5.00pm and eye clinics for Glaucoma patients on every Friday from 8.00am to 12.30pm take place. Skillful optometrists are available in Hospital to examine Refraction errors every day.

Other Facilities

  • Comprehensive Eye screening and all Laser treatments PRP & FLT/ YAG-PI and Capsulotomy.
  • ECG and FBS reports can be obtained from our hospital.

Our New Arrival Equipment